Texas Recreational Vehicle Association

The Texas Recreational Vehicle Association had its beginning as part of the Texas Mobile Home Association. During the early 1970′s it became apparent that members of TMHA who were in the RV industry had a need to organize a separate entity. With a small number of dedicated members TRVA was organized in 1974 as a nonprofit trade association.

Through the ensuing years, the membership has grown to more than 500 strong. It is comprised of manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds/parks, suppliers and service firms representing thousands of employees. These members have the option to participate in active local chapters for closer ties within a geographical area.

Goals of TRVA

  • To develop the general welfare of the members and to secure as members, every qualified Texas recreational vehicle oriented.  
  • To study, advise and support the enactment of local, state and national legislation, in the best interest of the members.  
  • To develop and present educational programs which will further enhance the knowledge and competence of the members. 
  • To identify and provide those services and benefits which members need and desire.
  • To communicate frequently and effectively with members.

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