DCA-NHTSA Updated Research Screen Report Form 2-23-2018 (update)


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Back in June 2015, TRVA updated dealers on the means to search for RV Recalls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, website. This information was later updated in December 2015. Please disregard the prior Dealer Compliance Alerts on this subject matter.

 Today, TRVA is advising you of a change on the NHTSA website which makes the search process easier.

Initially, TRVA dealers conveyed information on how to conduct research and lookup units on the NHTSA website using the VIN of any RV. A few months later, TRVA updated the lookup or search

information that RV’s cannot be located by using the VIN and must be looked up using Model Year, Make and Model, that fact remains, but the process has simply changed a bit.

The URL of the lookup screen and the form used with consumers have been updated and this is a change from the last update provided in December 2015, here’s the updated URL:


 In the example on the previous page, note the red box, there are only 29 known units with this issue, so check with Forest River first to determine if the VIN on this unit is subject to the recall in question. If the recall is not applicable to the unit in question, then disclose all the information to the purchaser about the recall notice and that RV is NOT subject to it.

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Dealers are encouraged to address their concerns with their legal counsel or discuss matters with the manufacturers they represent. If dealers have issues, concerns or questions, please bring them to the attention of TRVA, perhaps we can be of some assistance.

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