Maximum Towing Weight vs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

There is no known Texas statutory requirement to provide the following information to consumers,

however, it is being provided due to our concern for our customer’s and the general public’s safety.


  1. Determine Your Towing Vehicle’s Maximum Towing Weight

Every vehicle should have an identification plate usually found attached to the driver’s door post. This plate is generally referred to as a placard and it has been printed or etched with identification information which may include tire pressure, gross vehicle weight rating, the maximum towing weight of the vehicle and other pertinent information. If necessary, consult your vehicle owner’s manual or lookup the information on the manufacturer’s website if the placard is unreadable or doesn’t contain the data. Please use these resources to determine the maximum towing weight rating of your vehicle and enter it below:

My towing vehicle’s maximum towing weight is                                   lbs.

  • Determine Your Towed Trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The travel trailer you are purchasing has a similar placard attached to the tongue of the trailer or perhaps on the doorframe of the unit. Ask your salesperson to assist you in locating this placard to determine the gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR of the trailer. Remember, this is not the actual weight or what is sometimes referred to as the curb weight of the trailer, but rather the weight of the trailer plus the maximum amount of weight which can be towed when fully stocked or equipped with your personal gear.

The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the RV you are buying is                                      lbs.

By comparing these two weights you have determined if your towing vehicle is rated or not rated to tow your new travel trailer within the predetermined safety limits of your personal vehicle and the towed trailer.

My towing vehicle conforms to the maximum towing weight: Yes or No (circle one)

For your own safety and for the safety of others, our dealership strongly suggests if your towing vehicle does not conform to the maximum towing weight rating of the trailer you are purchasing either obtain a larger towing vehicle or consider purchasing a different travel trailer with a lower gross vehicle weight rating.

By signing this form, the purchaser of a new, used or consignment recreational vehicle from this dealership has been properly informed of the hazards or risks which may be assumed if the towing vehicle is determined to have exceeded its maximum towing weight.

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