Here are a few things which should interest you about TRVA:

One of the most important functions of TRVA is our government relations work. TRVA works successfully with the Texas Legislature and the many state agencies which regulate its members to promote and protect the interests of the RV industry. TRVA also works in cooperation with the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association, RVDA, and the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, RVIA, to monitor and influence issues of importance to the RV industry in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and the various federal agencies which regulate the RV industry. TRVA keeps members informed of both proposed and new regulatory or statutory changes that will affect the RV industry. TRVA employs two full-time lobbyists to work on behalf of its members and has an attorney with more than 35 years of motor vehicle industry experience as a resource.

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This website provides information about current districts and members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, the Texas delegation to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and the State Board of Education.

At TRVA we realize the importance of member training and educational resources, providing assistance with speakers on subjects ranging from LPG and other licensing, to federal and state regulations, F&I, advertising and industry trends.

TRVA’s quarterly magazine is mailed directly to each member. It keeps members up to date on Association news, important events, relevant industry information and changes important to the RV industry.

There are several local chapters around the state. Membership in these chapters is voluntary. They provide a forum for education and networking as well as opportunities to participate in localized activities. Some of the local chapters sponsor regional trade shows.

The Southwest RV Supershow is the annual TRVA sponsored retail trade show held in Dallas each September. The latest in RV’s are displayed along with products and services from suppliers, parks and campgrounds, aftermarket products and other related RV services. TRVA also supports or manages other RV trade shows throughout Texas.

TRVA sponsors a competitive and time tested member group insurance program. TRVA’s Exclusive Managing Agent has been serving the industry since 1981. See for yourself why TRVA is praised for having the best State Insurance Program in the U.S. by calling Diversified Insurance Management, 800-332-4264, for your dealer open lot, garage liability, park package, worker’s compensation, F&I training and licensing, service contracts, point of sale RV insurance, GAP and credit life insurance needs.

Which membership category is right one for you?

Companies engaged in the sale of new, used consigned RV’s who also provide warranty repairs and/or service.

$750 annually

Companies who primarily sell wholesale products to the RV Dealer or Service/Repair sector for resale.

$650 annually

Companies who manufacture RV’s which are sold wholesale to Texas RV Dealers for resale to consumers.

$650 annually

Finance, Insurance & Aftermarket

Companies which provide financing, insurance and additional services to the RV marketplace.

$650 annually

Companies engaged in the service and repair of RV’s as their primary line of business.

$375 annually

Companies who provide consumers with temporary or permanent camping facilities for their RV’s.

$375 annually

An additional business operation without voting privileges in the association.

$275 annually

A person or firm not directly related “day-to-day” in the RV industry andwithout voting privileges in the association.

$275 annually