Why Buy from your local TRVA RV Dealer


Please consider the following when making your purchase and selecting a dealer: 


Dealers in the RV industry are franchised, like automotive dealers, however, they are not obligated to work on your RV when it has not been purchased from them.

Dealers are franchised in Texas by the models they sell, a.k.a., line-makes, and not by the manufacturers of those models. For example, Forest River, one of the largest manufacturers of towable and motorized RV’s in the U.S. owns multiple manufacturing plants which are known as brand manufacturers. Cedar Creek is one of those brands and within that brand they manufacture and sell the following four models: Champagne Edition, Cottage, Hathaway Edition and Silverback Edition. Any one or all of those four models may be franchised to be sold by a Texas RV dealer.

Conversely, in Texas, an auto dealer such as a Ford franchised dealer is franchised to sell all passenger cars and light trucks manufactured by Ford. Therefore, at a Ford dealership a consumer will find all the models manufactured by Form and not simply those models or line-makes they wish to sell.

Dealers are independently owned and operated businesses. Service and scheduling are at their discretion and priority is commonly provided to customers that purchased units from their dealership.

Pre-delivery inspection and the consumer’s walk through educating them on their new RV are often more thorough and convenient for both the customer and dealer when performed by a local dealer. Being near your selling dealership influences the ease of additional questions which may arise.

Your first experiences as an RV owner may result in some needed warranty repairs which should be performed by your selling dealership. These adjustments are much more easily addressed by your local (and selling) dealer.

Arranging for warranty repairs through your local selling dealer provides far greater flexibility and convenience to you as a consumer.

Purchasing locally allows you to create longstanding personal relationships with your selling dealer, enhancing your overall experience and adding value in future purchasing decisions as you move from one RV to another due to your enjoyment of the RV lifestyle.

Local dealers are readily available to assist their customers with operational questions, how to tips, and are more knowledgeable regarding the RV’s which they sell. Plus, many conduct owner clinics or demonstrations to expand their customers’ enjoyment of the products they sell.

Your dealer’s knowledge of how your RV is required to be serviced and maintained can help enhance its value when it is time to trade-in or sell your RV.

Buying locally provides you a greater opportunity to develop relationships with the dealership, its managers and the technicians at the dealership who service your RV.

Buying locally helps you support local businesses who support your community by providing jobs and paying taxes in your local city, county and in Texas.

It is a Texas statutory requirement that all consumers be provided a copy of the Texas Lemon Law when making a purchase of a new motor vehicle: a car, truck, travel trailer, motorhome or motorcycle. So make sure you familiarize yourself with the Texas Lemon Law in the event you have a problem with your purchase in the event the problem is persistent.

As one of the largest RV dealer membership organizations in the U.S., TRVA is committed to supporting its dealer members with education and compliance information which keeps them abreast of the latest rules and regulations.